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Business Opportunity | Frani Pisano

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The doTERRA Business Opportunity

Are you interested in learning more about starting your own home-based business with doTERRA? This video will show you what you can expect if you embrace the doTERRA lifestyle and start living an empowered life.

How to Earn With doTERRA

An easy to understand breakdown of the compensation plan.

The Heart of doTERRA

Learn the deeper purpose that lies at the heart of dōTERRA.

doTERRA Leader Average Earnings

Download the latest Earnings Disclosure Summary here.

Our Compensation Plan is Different

The minimum required OV (Team Volume) for a doTERRA Presidential Diamond is 162,000 OV, while other companies require their top leaders to have 1 million or more in team volume. doTERRA is also unique in that it has a retention rate of more than 70 percent, while other companies average 10–20 percent. A major reason for this loyalty is doTERRA provides a product that people love and need.

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